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Powerful Choices for Texans

Ambit Energy is proud to offer you powerful tools, greater conveniences and innovative plans. From picking a plan that meets your needs to being able to manage your account from anywhere, whatever your energy needs are, we have you covered.

Learn more about these great Ambit offers exclusively for Texas Customers: Ambit Ultimate Perks, Summer Break plan, Ambit Secure Savings, Free & Clear Nights and Total Solar Buyback.

T.L.C. Guarantee – Try it. Like It. Or Change It. Guaranteed.

We’re so certain you’ll be happy with your new Ambit plan, that we proudly offer our T.L.C. Guarantee. If you find that your plan isn’t exactly what you need, you can change to a different Ambit term plan any time once in your first 12 months of service without penalty. So, you can select any Ambit plan with confidence. It’s our way of letting you know that we’re committed to providing you with service that’s always exactly what you want and need.

Ambit Ultimate Perks

Ambit Ultimate Perks

Ambit Ultimate Perks, one of Ambit’s most popular plans, is now available in Texas! Ultimate Perks gives you extra rewards just for using energy every day. Every month, we’ll give you Reward Dollars that you can redeem at more than 500,000 ways at your favorite retailers, restaurants, travel, and entertainment destinations. Plus, you’re eligible for giveaways, pick-to-win challenges and grocery coupons. Reward Dollars never expire, so you can save them up for bigger purchases. Talk to your Ambit consultant or enroll to start earning Reward Dollars now.


Ambit Energy Summer Savings

Summer Break

Take a vacation from high summer electricity bills with half off your energy charges from June to September. How cool is that? Ambit gives you 50% off your energy charges when you need it most –the Texas summer. Learn more about how Texans can take half off their electricity bills all summer long, then talk to a consultant or enroll here to take a break from high summer bills.

*Seasonal product, available at a certain time of the year.


Long Term Peace of Mind - Automatic Savings
Secure Savings

Now, you can lock in a great long-term fixed rate and get bill relief when your usage increases. Ambit Secure Savings gives you a lower energy charge each month, applicable to all usage in that billing period when their usage meets or exceeds 1000 kWh.

To secure your savings, talk to an Ambit Consultant or enroll here.


Budget Relief

Budget Relief

With Budget Relief, you earn $50 back on your energy bill when you use 1,000 kWh or more in a billing period. That’s real relief when you need it most, during your highest usage months. And you get a flat, simple rate all year long.

Budget Relief

Free & Clear Nights

With Ambit Energy’s Free & Clear Plan™, you’re free to take control of your electricity budget and help our environment. Because with free nights, you can put off activities that use energy until the evening, when they won’t cost you a cent. And because your electricity is wind-generated, it’s as easy on the environment as it is your wallet.

Total Solar Buyback

Total Solar Buyback

With Ambit’s Total Solar Buyback plan, you can maximize the return on your solar panel investment. The plan lets you earn rollover credits whenever your panels produce more energy than your home uses. That means you can offset up to 100% of your Energy Charges every month depending on how much energy your system generates and how much energy your home uses for things like cooling, heating, lighting, and appliances. And it all happens automatically. We’ll apply your rollover credits to future bills for as long as you’re on an eligible Ambit Solar Buyback plan. Get more information from your Ambit Energy Consultant or enroll now to start getting paid for your excess energy.